Bellah rose Bodsworth

Bellah came into this world on the 14th of febuary and i just knew she was special. There was something different about her, she was small and more fragile than the rest. we originally was only going to take her sister, Tibby but my heart was set on her. so we took them both, but as time went on i noticed her breathing wasn't right and she was exhausted a lot, in the bottom of my heart i knew she was "A defect kitten" and i couldn't bring myself to take her to the vet because i knew they would put her down, so i just let her have her life. Time went by and she seemed to be doing quite fine, we loved each other, we would play head wrestles, she could play fetch and roll over but her favorite was the drill! oh how she made us all laugh! i miss her sitting on my lap first thing in the morning,giving me her big hugs and watching me attentively while i did the dishes. I really miss our cuddle, no one was allowed to give her a cuddle but me, for some reason she just wanted to hug me, if anyone tried she would hiss and stretch her paws out to me. I loved her and she loved me. but one day i noticed she was getting fat and her breathing seemed to have worsened so i thought it was time to take her to the doc........


I wish i never did, i was right  she was a "defect Kitten" and was dying. Her heart couldn't cope no more and her fluids were entering her lungs,We tried to see if we could save her kittens so that we could still have a part of her but they werent old enough and wouldnt survie either...... there was nothing i could do for her but put her to rest.I will never forget the look in her eyes as she went to sleep,its all i can see,


Bellah i will always love you, I so wish you were still here

Love mum xxxooo

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bellah ,i light one for you to see the way......
Posted by bellah's mum on 01/09/2008
Bellah, this candle is for you to leave so you can see where you have been.
Posted by Colleen on 01/10/2008
Bellah is now back in the hands that created her.
A place where all is beautiful, calm and serene...She is now a very happy kitty indeed!
Posted by grannie on 01/10/2008
An angel has been called back into her makers arms.
Posted by 5ferals on 01/10/2008

Posted by flickerone on 01/10/2008
bellah this candle is for you, so you will always have light wherever you go
Posted by Denise mitchell on 01/10/2008
bellah this candle is for you, so you will always have light wherever you go
Posted by Denise mitchell on 01/10/2008
Posted by Pamela Moore on 01/10/2008
you were born a special kitty and blessed all the lives you touched. then god send come my angel and you went where you could play forever and wait for your love ones so you can be together forever. RIP blessed angel. god's precious gift.
Posted by ian and mary mc donald on 01/10/2008
RIP Bellah.
Posted by Jayne on 01/10/2008
God Bless you little Bella.
May the candle light your way.
Posted by Shabby on 01/10/2008
You made lives happy and spreaded joy to your friends. May this candle let u know that people are
thinking of you. May you gide those of need.
R.I.P Bellah
Posted by Tamara on 01/11/2008
There are no endings only a passage through time.
A guiding light will help you towards new beginnings. This is not goodbye forever only for now. dreamy
Posted by dreamweaver120 on 01/13/2008
Bella this candle is to help you find your way to Rainbow Bridge. I know my Nvwati and all the other fur babies were there to greet you with open paws.
Posted by Amber on 01/16/2008
bella you had a really good life and a loving and caring family that loves you so much @--)--Now your are in heaven and playing with our little baby girl that past away last year :-) love steff
Posted by Steff on 01/18/2008
bellah your still in our thoughts i will never forget you...
Posted by mum on 08/15/2009
i still think of you my bellah baby you would have been 4 this
Posted by bellah's mum on 11/29/2011
I still light a candle for you baby girl xxx
Posted by Bellah's Mum on 10/31/2012