Blackie arrived into my life when i was least expecting it.A stray who had been cruelly dumped found his way into my garden and into my life.Terrified to come hear me at first i slowly coaxed him and soon he was letting me brush him each day.His confidence grew each day and one night as i was watching tv i heard my cat flat go and Blackie had moved in for good.He rewarded my love with so much affection he was hardly ever far from my side.Knowing he was not very well i took him to the vets.They informed me he was a diabetic so i thought there was no hope,but he took to the insulin injections like a duck to water.On Monday 28th May 2007 i awoke to find my darling Blackie has passed away peacfully in his sleep.I am glad he came into my life he brought so much happiness to mine and i miss him terribly.Hes gone to cat heaven now.I will never forget you.

Rest In Peace....You will always be in my heart xx


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I am so sorry to hear of Blackie's passing but thank God for you and the wonderful life you gave him! He would have died a horrible death without experiencing love with out you. God bless you.

Posted by Erin on 09/21/2008
So sorry for your loss of precious Blackie,he reminds me so much of my own very precious rescue cat Jackson who sadly was PTS in June 2007,I hand reared him,he was an orphan and I love him and miss him so much,thank God there are folk like us who save and love these precious little cats.Lighting a candle in memory of Blackie and Jackson,maybe they have met up at Rainbow Bridge
Posted by Pam on 01/07/2009
I'm so sorry of your loss of your pet Blackie. I just lost my baby, Salem on July 16, 2010 and was looking through memorial sites, to find one came across your page.
Posted by Supriya on 07/19/2010