Coco (our beautiful cat)

Some may think this sad of us, but for those friends and family who met Coco and our other cats, you will know just how close we are to them.

Last Sunday (25th November 2007), Coco started to sneeze, by Monday his eyes had started to water. Tuesday, he was no better so we took him to the vet. They didn't think it was anything serious so prescribed antibiotics.

He gradually got worse, so on Friday he was taken back to the vet, who agreed that he had got worse. They kept him in overnight and gave him anaesthetic Saturday 1st December 2007 so they could have a look. The vet found lots of mucous, but still wasn't too concerned.

As Coco started to come round, he just stopped breathing, and no-one knows why. They can only assume that the mucous travelled down his airway and because he had a low immune system, he couldn't fight whatever the infection was.

Poor little boy , he didn't even have a temperature.

Keith and I are dying at the moment. Coco was only 3 and a half (too young to die)

Anyway. I have set up this memorial to try to help us get through. I can't stop crying at the moment.

Coco, why have you left us. We're missing you so bad.

Please visit our gallery on our memorial page where we have few pictures of our baby.




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Coco, my beautiful cat. You were always my Number 1. Always ready for a kiss in the morning. It's so hard switching the kettle on every morning and you not rubbing all over me.
Miss you babay.
Posted by Jules on 12/03/2007
So so sorry Julie and Keith.
Thinking of you and sending you all our love.
He was a beautiful boy.
Posted by Belinda & Lang Hunter on 12/03/2007
Sorry to hear about Coco. I was there at his birth and this is the saddest time he was so lovely, please be brave and be proud to have had him.
Posted by Susie Bell on 12/03/2007
I feel so sad for you both and can really imagine how you feel as if I lost my little dog I would not know what to do with myself.....I just hope that he is at peace and I am sure he is in heaven looking down at you both. He had great owners who did everything they could for him! Lots of love, Geri
Posted by Geri on 12/04/2007
Julie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Coco will always be with you as you loved him very much.

God bless Coco

Posted by Michelle Mcardle on 12/04/2007
Thinking of you both.
Much Love from
Jayne & Richard XXX's
Posted by Jayne & Richard on 12/04/2007
you were soooo special,with all your strange and hilarious ways
you lit up our lives with love and laughter, now the laughter is quiet, but the love is still here with us, and always will be.
I will miss you more than mere words can express.
your "dad" xxxxxxxx
Posted by Keith (dad) on 12/04/2007
So sorry to hear about Coco, we know how much he meant to you. We are thinking of you.
All our love
Tash & Rich xxx
Posted by Natasha on 12/04/2007
Julie & Keith we are so sorry to hear of you loss. We are sending you our love with deepest sympathy.

With Love always
Chris & Dave xxx
Posted by David Todd & Chris Perry on 12/04/2007
To our dearest friends,

No one can ease the pain I'm afraid apart from your other babies who will also be missing him. A loss of a pet is something some people cannot understand but we understand only too well and it's harder when they are young but Coco had the happiest life and couldn't have been in a more loving home. So remember the good and forget any ifs or buts, it was just his time. Wish we were there to help or just listen.
Sending you loads of love
Gill & Keith

Posted by Gill & Keith Allen on 12/05/2007
Dear Jules & Keith,

We are all so sorry to hear about your loss and feel for you at this sad time. The girls cannot wait to give you both a big hug. We will remember CoCo with fondness and love.

Arthur, Sarah, Becky, Joanna & Charlotte xxxxx
Posted by Sarah Taylor on 12/06/2007
sooo sad to hear about your darling "Coco" what a good looking cat !!!
Thinking of you Jules & keith.

Rest in Paradise coco...
Posted by Dawn Gomez on 12/20/2007
I don't know you, but I can appreciate your love and sense of loss for this gorgeous cat, as I myself have a cat who is my whole life. I hope time helps to heal your pain, and don't forget Coco is waiting patiently for you to get to Rainbow Bridge so you can meet again.
Posted by Lyndsey Floyd on 06/10/2008
Sorry to hear of your loss. I notice that it has just gone 2 years.

Do you still grieve for him? I do not think you are sad because you love your pets like the family they are nor grieve like you would any other family member.

I ask because we lost our cat Bandit (Bam Bam) McCarthy on 1 Feb 09 and I am still devastated. Everyone tells me to get over it, it was just a cat. Just a cat. He was my beloved loyal boy and I couldnt help him. I know the pain you felt and I pray that you are at peace now like Coco. He was such a beautiful beautiful boy. God Bless you all, Jen
Posted by Jennifer and Heath on 04/15/2009