Dear Cat

I only had you for a short time but you were the most special cat I knew. You chose me. They told me they thought they would never find you a home because you wouldn't let anyone hold you but you came right to me.You purred for me! I was your one and only you ran from everyone but me.  You were a turkey fiend so now whenever I eat turkey I think of you. I'm so sorry your gone. I miss you so much. I wasn't going to get another cat you know. You had me at meow Catalena you had me at meow.

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This is a very nicely put together site . I am sorry you had to say good-bye to Catalena, but know that you gave her lots of love in her short life .... and turkey, too !
Posted by Laura on 07/01/2007
It is so sad when new friends only have a short time with us. But I know that her time with you was spent in a happy way and that she was given lots of love, laughs and good food!!!!
Posted by Michelle Longshore on 07/02/2007
Even though she hated my guts up until those last few days, I'll miss her.
Posted by Amy Green on 07/02/2007
She was a special kitty sent to get you through the rough patches with Amy. How about a dog now, to really tick-off your other kitties?
lol :-)
Posted by Auntie Air on 07/03/2007
Dear Pam,
I finally saw your tribute to Catalena! It made me cry! I know how special she was to you. I feel your pain.
Love, your sister
Posted by Angela M Green on 07/04/2007
I still miss you. You are still so special. I have a new cat now her name is Mouse. I asked you to come back to me. Did you send her to me to help with the hole left in my heart? She is sweet and I love her too but I still mis you.
Posted by pam on 12/31/2007
I still want to cry when I see this because she was so young and we had only such a short time with her. I miss that little brat so much and I wish she was still around.
Posted by Amy on 02/11/2008
Hey Cat
How are you. Still think of you and miss you. Silly as it may seem yur still in my heart. I hope you arein a better place.
Posted by pam on 05/18/2009
Hey Cat
How are you. Still think of you and miss you. Silly as it may seem yur still in my heart. I hope you arein a better place.
Posted by pam on 05/18/2009
Still miss you.
Posted by pam on 01/12/2012